Horror buyback stories

1903 Winchester

The action pictured above is from a Winchester 1903.  A lovely simple gun that is now well over a century old.  Sam lost it when he was 19, in John Howard’s gun buyback.

A few days ago we asked readers for their stories from gun buybacks.   We have four to share with you.

Sam’s 1903 Winchester: Sam lost his Winchester 1903 semi auto when he was 19. It barely worked, but he had put a lot of effort into keeping it functional, with so much character and history behind the varnish. As Sam put it “It really pissed me off that I had to hand it in”.

Vaughn’s 4 shot Beretta: Vaughn’s father had a custom ordered Beretta 4 shot pump action shotgun which he had owned for over 30 years. Not only did Vaughn and his father lose the gun, but got a fraction of its value due to problems with police valuations.  The loss of his father’s pride and joy was devastating and he was dismayed until his death at the future of the Australian culture.  To add insult to injury, Vaughn owned cheap Chinese four shot pump action shot gun which was compensated to the same value.  Now he’s got a lever action given to him by his first ever employer as a bonus, which he might lose through no fault or action of his own or consultation, driven by an “uneducated, rash, knee jerk decision to change the laws to placate a noisy minority group with no regard for the Australian rural community history and culture”.

Those who served us: Neville helped deliver surrendered firearms to the regional buyback center in Shepparton during the 96 buyback.  He saw grown men who had served our country and had handled far more than the rifles and shotguns he was collecting, weep as they were handing them in.  He recalled one elderly gentleman who had handed in his father’s A5 Browning shotgun which he had won as a trophy.  Good on you, Mr Howard…

Jack’s 1935 handgun:  During the 2003, Jack lined up at the Geelong buyback center to hand in a 1935 handgun (not sure which type) because of it’s barrel length.  Jack had recently had a triple bypass operation but discharged himself early because he was required to surrender his gun as his wife wasn’t licensed to surrender it for him.  Jack did that.  He died around 3 months later.

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  1. Why are we targeted its not fair more hoons kill people with cars than are shot not fair

  2. We need to get organised to fight these wankers. 👿

  3. Time to get organised for the fight!

  4. Thanks Steve. Yep, that’s why we’re here.

  5. The above responses can be very easily attended to. The one error a lot of shooters and farmers are committing, is placing a tick beside the Liberal/National political parties. This error is consistently done since 1996… I look at the facts, history and not the excuses. People need to ask themselves are we out to make money, or make times hard for each other?? We’re in the 21st century. I like others, want an investigation into the event that lead up to 1996. Remember one of the 10 commandments: do unto others as you would want them done unto you. People don’t take note of history, but time catches up with people.

  6. kevin middleton

    Why don`t you ask the people saying all this to have a debate on the TV and show the proof of every thing they are saying, I`m sure you would get a NO from them `cause they have no proof, and I would say have never tried any shooting sport.

  7. Hi Lorenzo. Yes, preferences are vital in this matter, and we intend to have a lot to say on them as the next elections roll around. It’ll embarrass some who say they’re our friends, but so be it. Regards Neil

  8. rodney stephens

    howard,s law cost me four (4) self loaders (auto,s) never again i have heart and lung promblems now so what can they do to me now,i will NOT hand one more rifle in,i will rather go and will
    go to gail end of story and me.

  9. Circuit Judge

    Here’s how they handled recent requests for registration in New York(and no it was not violent.)


  10. Want a horror story?
    I owned a Swedish Ag m/42 6.5×55 I put one box of ammo through it, what an absolute load of CRAP, jammed on every second or third round, I also owned the Egyptian variant in 7.92 x 57 the “Hakim”, Bonza what a Rifle, never miss fired once I used it as often as I could.
    But the real horror story, I also owned an SKS, never got to fire it once before Howard’s great gun theft. 👿

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