The lever action ban: What you can do about it

stop lever action ban

The government is proposing to ban your access to repeating action longarms such as lever actions.  Here are some simple things every shooter can do to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The Federal Government is moving to reclassify repeating action long arms to remove their access from holders of the majority of licensed gun owners.  This will ban the use of lever action shotguns and rifles, and pump action rifles.

There are two simple steps every shooter can do to help.

They won’t take you long, but send messages about how important this is to you.

Step 1:  Contact your local MP

Visit your local MP. If you can’t do that, call their office.  If you can’t do that, write to, or email them.  Do this today.

Be calm when you speak with or write to them. Don’t argue with them but be factual in what you tell them. Make sure you explain how the ban will affect what you and your family love to do.

Here’s a simple check list of things to say.  Tell them:

  1.  Why you have the firearms you own. For example, that you hunt deer, or you inherited your firearms from within the family;
  2. That you enjoy what you do – and give them an example – that you love to spend a couple of days each month enjoying the outdoors;
  3. That you will be adversely affected by the ban – what will you lose?;
  4. That you hold a licence that is approved by the Victoria Police which demonstrates you are a trust worthy citizen and should not be the target of any ill-conceived government response;
  5. You are contacting them to tell them this is important enough to change your vote;
  6. That there are thousands of other gun owners who will soon be contacting their local MPs;
  7. There has been no problem in our society with the ownership of lever action rifles for over 140 years;
  8. Lever action is old technology that is more synonymous with the Battle of Little Bighorn than any modern context. They are synonymous with Hollywood legends such as John Wayne;
  9. Ask what your MP will do to fight the ban. Don’t accept vague or unclear answers.  If they won’t give you a straight answer, you will have made your point, loud and clear.  Job done!

If you are in Victoria, click here to find the details of your local MP for your electorate (listed alphabetically). Click here if you don’t know what electorate you are in.

Please report the type of comments you get back to us by emailing us at

Step 2:   Get behind the CFCV

  • Donate: We need your help to make sure as many shooters as possible thvote to protect their sport. You can help us do this by donating just $2 a month.


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Don’t let 2015 become another 1996!


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