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National dealers’ statement on the Adler A110

The National Firearm Dealers Association has released a statement on the Federal Government’s move to reclassify the Adler A110 lever action shotgun away from Category A.

Click here to see the statement

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Gun thefts: Are the penalties adequate?

gun theft


The Federal Government has deliberately blurred any rational distinction between the legal and illegal market. It’s looking for some quick wins – at your expense.

The Federal Government was looking at reviewing parts of the National Firearms Agreement in the wake of the 2014 Martin Place siege well before the issue of lever action longarms came up in recent months.  Read more »

Don’t cop the lever action ban!

donor altFirst it was semi-autos, then it was our handguns, now they’re after our lever actions.

Don’t let the government get away it it. Otherwise the next ban will be around the corner.

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What do your co-workers think about shooting?

We all have HAD to do it at some point in time – work with non-shooters. 

Sad, but true! Read more »