Help FIGHT the Adler A-110 lever action ban!

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UPDATE (26/7/15):  The federal government has suspended the importation of the Adler A-110.  We’re consulting our member organisations and will be having more to say on this shortly.
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UPDATE (31/7/15): Click here to see our post on the Victorian Shooting Industry Fighting Fund for our member organisations:  Field and Game Australia, Firearm Traders Association, Sporting Shooters Association of Victoria (Vic), Victorian Amateur Pistol Association, and Vintagers: Order of Edwardian Gunners.

The proposed Adler A-110 ban is a new, but familiar threat to the shooting sports.  We’ll do our bit but need your support to stop attacks like these on the shooting sports. 

We went through it in 1996 with semi-auto longarms and again in 2002/3 with handguns.

Now our politicians are attacking our right to hold Category A repeating action firearms – lever actions. Here’s a story on it from one of our major papers, the Herald Sun.  

During a recent sitting of Parliament, the State Government made it clear that the question of whether this type of gun (a lever action, 7 capacity shotgun) should be banned (because of it’s “rapid fire capability”!) will be considered nationally when police ministers meet later this year.

Now there are media reports that the Federal Government is concerned that the Adler could get into terrorist’s hands.

A ban is therefore a real prospect.

Don’t let 2015 go down as the year we lost our lever actions!

Our job is to reach out to as many of the other 180,000 licensed shooters in Victoria as possible and tell them what they can to stop it.

We need to let our politicians know we vote, and we’re angry!  They need to know supporting the ban and treating us this way is a very bad idea.  If we don’t stop them this time, what’ll be next?

There are three simple things you can do to help us stop the ban:

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  • Donate.  Support the Victorian shooting industry from as little as $2 a month by donating to the Victorian Shooting Industry Fighting Fund.  This will support our lobbying efforts and help raise awareness across the broader community on how ridiculous and unfair the ban is.
  • Contact your local politician and let him or her know this is important enough to you to change how you vote. Click here for more information on what to say, in a related post.
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  1. tracey krause

    Bad people will always find a way to do bad things .why punish the legal law abiding people .

  2. Leave the law abibing folks alone , go after the criminals because I dont know any nor do my friends who are sporting shooters 😡

  3. James hitchens

    Don’t ban these guns for no reason

  4. Dear CFCV,

    What are your views on the current Labor government? I am aware that only recently the granted geelong shooting clubs a large sum of money to promote the sport in Victoria.

  5. Dave Pickford

    This stinks to high heaven of authorities attempting to divert attention away from the real threat of gun crime by criminals that our law enforcement bodies appear to be incapable of stopping or even slowing down. Would be of far more use to the public if they used their resources to combat crime rather than having them check up if law abiding citizens have their firearms registered etc.

  6. Making guns illegal to stop shootings will work like making drugs illegal for addicts

  7. Hi Jamie
    Overall shooters have lost more under coalition governments than Labor. That said, the left of Labor is always pushing for bans on duck hunting etc, so it’s a mixed bag. There are good and bad pollies from both sides, and it is those we are targeting.
    The former coalition govt reallocated some money for range upgrades but that money was originally put aside by Labor. I don’t know if that’s where the Geelong money came from: it’s possible they might have applied under one of the more generic sports funding programs run by the government.

    Neil Jenkins

  8. Do not ban these guns for any reason

  9. The A110 is not the only lever action shotgun available in Australia, i feel that the price is driving the attraction to these quality firearms. Only bought to the attention of Police by the amount being registered.

  10. I am an avid sporting shooter and agree in principal that the Government should not arbitrarily ban weapons nor should they interfere as much as they do in many hobbies and sports. However having said i can see no earthly reason to posses a lever action shotgun.
    A lever action rim or center fire is logical but a shotgun?
    A little like wanting a bazooka or handgrenade.

  11. I think that more of this ban is coming from senior police playing politics, eg Look at me, Look at me!

  12. Brandt Ebeyer

    My mate can get more rounds down range with a U/O 12g with auto ejectors then I can with lever action 12g when I run out of ammo.

  13. Here we go again, this country is becoming more communistic than the communist. Stalin would be proud of how all our rights are slowly being stripped away and we the people just take it.

    We’re law abiding citizens who just want to enjoy our sport, and these politician who are so removed from reality just want to win easy points with their constituents just to justify their own jobs and be re elected.

    Removing firearms from law abiding citizens doesn’t reduce crime as anyone with half a brain knows.

    These politicians are so far removed from what needs to be done that the only way to deal with them is to vote them out of office and have intelligent individuals focus on the real issues which is the importation of illegal firearms and leave the law abiding citizens alone to enjoy their sport……

  14. Another knee-jerk reaction by the government, whether it’d be labour or liberals. It’s a diversion to show the public that theyre doing something to fight crime..problem is there is probably less than 1% of responsible licensed shooters who are involved in gun related crimes. Statics shows that a vast majority of gun related crimes are committed by people who are not licensed.

    “Guns don’t shoot or kill people, People kill People!”

  15. David Bonacci

    Everyone needs to look at the big picture, if the government wants our guns, they will take them. That simple. If we resist, they will just stage another massacre like port Arthur. Think we haven’t already lost the fight? Watch port Arthur massacre – deceit or terrorism on YouTube

  16. Banning these guns makes no sense and further confuses gun laws. The law abiding gun owner suffers yet those with criminal intent get to own guns that we can not own because of these silly and grey laws.

  17. Charles Harvey

    I can’t vote for politicians who constrain sporting activities with I’ll considered rules but I can influence many other voters.

  18. My rifles are just as quick to reload as my lever actions so why would a new lever action be any different. It still takes 2 motions to cycle.

  19. Typical knee jerk decision of our pollies, disarming honest shooters while ignoring the illegal weapons available to criminals.
    Next they will allow the crims to claim their guns as a tax deduction as a tool of trade

  20. Thanks to the ALP and the Greens, guarding and protecting our borders is almost a joke, IS is becoming even more of a threat to our safety, we have massive unemployment on our doorstep, and our Governments, State and Federal fart around in a manner not unlike NERO when he Fiddled while Rome burned, and here is the Big Joke, our Governments are deeply confused and divided because the Homosexuals within our country want same sex marriage and now to top it all we have our Govt. and the Police
    coming down on Lawful shooters, hunters and collectors because some moron at the Herald Sun aided by Gun Control Australia are up in arms over the ownership and usage of lever action firearms. Our Govt. must owe a great debt of thanks to Guns owners and Homosexuals as it gives them more mud to cloud the water with at a time when common sense, logic and good governing should be the Order of the Day. FIGHT CRIME NOT LAWFUL SHOOTERS AND HUNTERS

  21. When has there been a shooting buy a registered shooter using a registered firearm?

  22. Santiago M Gonzalez

    I’m 65,about to retire,i never had any problem with the law and ilove my guns,love bush walking and hunting,i’ts my hoby,can’t a man be happy when they retire?

  23. To quote the acting Police Commissioner of Victoria – “lever actions are new technology, and we must update the legislation to reflect this”

    For the commissioner of Police to say this, is incompetent and for someone with that LITTLE knowledge of firearms should not oversee the Licencing and Regulation division.

  24. There is no reasonable excuse to ban the Adler A-110 or switch it to a Cat. C. It is NOT a rapid-fire weapon, merely a multiple shot weapon with useful value in the sporting shooting/hunting field. Resources should be used to prevent illegal gun imports or black-market sales to criminals rather than harassing legal, licensed and law-abiding gun owners.

  25. How can so few inconsiderate numsculls ,try to destroy something that father and sons have enjoyed for so many years.
    No matter what the government dose ,criminals will always get hold of firearms no matter what .so it is bloody pointless punishing the responsable licensed gun owners .what ever happened to this so called democratic country we are suppose
    To live in ,.i think it’s sinking fast

  26. Watch for our next survey… early next week 🙂

  27. Our gun laws are so so strict let’s relax them a bit
    Bring back our silencers and our semi autos .
    Do we ban cars coz some one drive through a crowd of people and kills many

  28. Continue penalising illegal handling, transport use and storage of any firearm.

    Cleaning up complex legislation would be a good starting point to prove that the money currently spent on VicPol systems has an actual demonstrable value to society rather than it being a sop to Politicians. Revealing how much is spent may be a goods start.

    Combine all State licences (drivers, firearms explosives-Pyro, UBE etc) into one card by simple endorsements on the reverse and issue all of them for a five year period rather than for the various times experienced at present.

    Put emotive unsound comments aside. Banning A-110’s will only make them a more desirable item to have.

  29. karl ischovits

    look at some Politicians they are more a danger then registered Guns . You go in a policestation and the Bloke is not allowed to open the Door if he is on his own . isn’t this a Joke? go after the real Crims. I love my shooting on a range or go hunting .

  30. There is no consistency with what may happen with banning lever action firearms . The majority of Victorians who huddle together in quiet desperation in large cities have lots of votes. If these firearms are banned it will be the result of the surveys done by the stats people regarding political survival. Do the police service seem determined to disarm the population ? I am starting to think they are. It’s the old story of punishing the whole class for the actions of a few, instead of having the guts to properly punish the offenders. Perhaps it might also be useful to check all containers at the wharves instead of the token few per hundred. Unfortunately we will always be the whipping people for ignorance , misplaced idealism , the nanny state mentality and the over educated who seem lacking in common sense.

  31. I used to work on the waterfront for Customs. You are on the money!

  32. When will senior Australian police stop using Hollywood movies a guide to policy?
    They should be too busy policing to try to make laws!

  33. chris hateley

    there is a lot of us shooters that have Winchester lever action firearms are these going to be classed in this catagory to

  34. Must stay anonymous

    Kev is right. I moved my family from a country in SEAsia which has no accountability or transparency in the administration. One of the first things they did was to disarm the people. Then they filled the armed forces with people from their own ethnic group. Effectively no other group in the country can voice any grudges for fear of violent retribution. I’m not making any racially charged comments here, but I just like to highlight how disarmament and disempowerment of the population goes hand in hand. Please do not let this happen to beautiful Australia. Although its a great country, its never easy to leave one’s birthplace, particularly when its being torn apart by the results of a discriminatory and corrupt administration, and you are powerless to do anything about it.

  35. Chris. The national firearms working group, which is leading the ‘review’, hasn’t said what it is proposing. Odds are, they won’t include shooting organisations in any consultations. That’s why we need to make a stand!

  36. Why are we gun owners continually singled out as some kind potentially crazed criminals. There only has to be sniff of a firearms issue or incident & governments start calling for new legislation & bans. Peoples lives are destroyed & lost everday due to vehicle crashes, does that mean all vehicle licence holders are criminals? Of course not. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA

  37. Douglas McCarty

    If you train enough you can fire a bolt action as fast as a lever gun, soldiers in WW1 and WW2 could aim fire, reload fire a second aimed shot, within a second, and they did this until 10 shot mag was empty, it was called rapid fire at the emergency rate. They would pull the trigger with their right hand ring finger not the index finger, as index and middle finger with thumb, were always on the knob of the bolt …. so will this be next ! ! !

  38. steve giatras

    Law abiding firearm owners are once again in the spotlight,why because a certain new firearm has caught the attention of the media.
    If the government wants war again,war it will have.Its time to united boys and girls.

  39. I am fearful that the people who ultimately make decisions such as to ban lever action firearms do so with little understanding of the sport.My family have owned and used lever actions for as long as I can recall. They are skilled and careful with the use of these firearms. I have seen skilled shooters fire a bolt action as quick….. will they be next? Will we soon be sporting single shot rifles again?

  40. Let the punishment fit the crime. No crime means no penalty. If a person attacks and maims or kills another, punish them not the instrument of crime.

  41. There are some bureaurcrats who are shooters … but not in Canberra …

  42. Grahame Osborne

    Any person or persons in any law implementing positions please note:-
    We have in our community manual and automatic lethal weapons operated by unskilled operators that are not being treated with equal consideration, and believe it or not most of these have wheels.
    There is no excuse for ignorance when making important decisions.

  43. John Guzzardi

    Its incredible how stupid our police and politicians are. Licensed shooters are exactly that. They have passed tests, been screened and background checked and then once passed have been given a permit to own a firearm. These are not the people that commit firearm crimes in our community. Firearm crimes are committed by criminals who have not been background checked and who do not posses firearms licenses. Its simple logic yet our police and politicians are blind to this fact that stares them straight in the face. Incredible !!!

  44. This is not helping to reduce to he street shooting,
    Police need to do more job instead remove the public attention to legal firearm owner.
    So sad some people not seen the trues.

  45. darren Greenland

    Is there a proven link between lever action firearms and crime?

  46. This is their excuse to roll ‘ALL’Centre fire and rim fires in to the cat C bucket,always trying every angle on the law abiding hunters and shooters,I guess by our very law abiding nature we are easier targets than bike gangs and drug lords?

  47. If this ban goes ahead it will again be a unproductive/useless strategy to reduce crime, but it will be successful in penalizing law abiding sporting shooters.

  48. Some of the comments posted are funny at the same time TRUE.
    It’s a fact that more people are killed through irresponsible handling of vehicle that the licensed person handling a registered firearm.

    Another fact is that the acting Police Commisioner is so misinformed when he claims that lever action is a new technology.

    Fact: Shipment containers from overseas screening applies a “hit & miss” process.. (Not every container is checked for illegal contrabands.

    And may I point out to all licensed firearm owners that I see a link between what the Australian government is doing and what they’re doing in the US.. Slowly disarm citizens, eventually full control!

  49. Having just returned from competing in the Single Action World Championships in the United States, it is very disconcerting to hear the Regulators are looking into restricting lever action firearms.

    I competed with a Model 1873 Center Fire Lever Action Repeating Rifle, a Model 1887 Lever Action Repeating Shotgun and a Pair of Single Action Revolvers. As the model numbers suggest these firearms are faithful reproductions of pre 1899 firearms using calibers of the pre 1899 period.

    These firearms are not modern-day weapons they are the firearms that have been in use for over 120 years, none of which to my recollection have been used in any of the tragic shootings in modern times.

    I use my firearms to compete in a recognised sanctioned International Discipline with international membership registration numbers greater than 100,000. I also use my firearms to legally hunt vermin and introduced species.

    The proposed restrictions do not seem to pay any regard to the effect this may have on a recognised international sport which we can boast having a former World Mens Champion and a current Ladies Category World Champion.

  50. Brett Simmonds

    This lever action shot guns should not be classed a cat “c” firearm. Any attempt to modify an already strict ruling would be just another punishment for all the law abiding firearm owners. If anything firearm laws should be relaxed.

  51. No.
    These firearms are not new technology and have been popular since the late 1800s.
    They are relatively low powered compared to other more popular centrefire rifles and no faster to cycle than a bolt action.
    I have recently started leveraction competition and find the government’s simplistic and uneducated plan to remove these actions just a blatant slap in the face for all sporting shooter’s.
    If this stupidity gets through you can number the days before the bolt actions are gone too. Where will we stand then.

  52. Dear Bill
    Free people do not justify their exercise of a right. Your use of the word ‘weapon’ appears unwise as it imputes the intent to do harm.
    Kind regards 1894LA

  53. Pheng Leong Tay

    Most if not all licenced shooter cycle bolt action and level action in the about the same speed.

    Therefore a 7 shot level action is not more level than a seven shot bolt action rifle.

    This weapon should be remain a A/B long arm

  54. By the sounds of it politicians think the process of obtaining a firearms licence and maintaining every aspect of it. Is a walk in the park. Problems tend to arise when legislators get an over inflated sense of importance and want to create yet again more red tape for us licence holders. Something called “overkill” in an already highly controlled area of legislation. With no depth in understanding or knowledge to justify such actions. Simply because it would be deemed a good idea. Dangerous idea’s in in the wrong circumstances, where does it end?

  55. Garth Stoneham

    It is a well established fact that a double barrell can put 10 or more shots down range faster than any lever, bolt or pump action gun. This is another ridiculous example of pointless reforms being pushed by the ill informed.

  56. Lever Actions have been around since 1887 and have never been a problem yet.
    Don’t punish the law abiding citizens

  57. Lever Actions have never been a problem, they have been around since 1887
    Why should the law abiding citizen targeted

  58. lever action rifles have never been an issue as far as i can remember like a car the gun is not the problem look elsewhere and leave law abiding citizens alone

  59. Anonymous editor

    y in the world can a police officer who I might add is not a licensed fire arms owner carry a rapid fire nine mil block and we can not own lever action fire arms the police commissioner stated that they can not keep up with new technologies considering the lever action dates back to the 1800s…. When was the glock invented mr commissioner our firearms are secured to a high standard when at home or in transport which they should be a police officer walks around with his on his hip held by one small clip and loaded all I’m hearing from this is double standards sorry to say this police commissioner who started all of this really has a belly button made of glass do your job and stop harassing the innocent

  60. It’s obvious they are just a bunch of “useless” beaurocrats trying to justify a 6 figure income when they shoud be relegated to the dole. As per many prior comments above, this country needs major improvement in governance in many areas (specifically industry & jobs), the secular attendees are not doing their job & are wasting our (tax payer) money with pure Bullshit. These fools think they are our Boss but they are in reality public servants our employees if they can or will not perform Sack them!

  61. Our Prime Minister is a papist, therefore condoning the actions of peodophilic so called priests, yet he opposes gay marriage? has he got a boyfriend in the closet? Does he suck good? who knows who cares! I guess he’s very scared – but NO one is gonna do him with a cheap shot gun. It’ll be his bested friends giving him a toast. So Why waste so much money on gun/rifle control?

  62. Haydn Cordell

    Can we find the source of this push and make public the names of the instigators. Make them accountable.
    It sounds to me like some ill informed anti gun tragic has been watching old episodes of “The Rifleman” and thinks we are all going to be murdered in our beds.

  63. Dennis La Varénne

    Any kind of magazine repeating firearm can be discharged rapidly with practice. ‘Rapid fire’ is a very poor reason for inclusion to Cat C status. Recategorization to Cat C cannot possibly alter any situation where a person with criminal intent obtains any kind of firearm for illegal purposes. It has never done so with handguns or self-loaders anywhere on this planet. Surely the crime should be that of criminal misuse rather than simple possession of any kind of firearm. Even if I had an illegally owned handgun which was locked up in my safe, no actual harm is done unless I use it for illegal purposes, rather than the fact of simple possession. Illegal/harmful use ought to be the criterion for criminal prosecution. We know already that illegal ownership comes very low on the charge sheet (if at all) of criminals caught with or using firearms illegally while going about their business.

  64. It’s a lot easier to pick on law abiding citizens than criminals, also much more cost affective. And also don’t forget the big one ,seen to be doing something , when infact they are actually doing nothing to change the ills of society. The magicans slight of hand.

  65. qld fighting fund? =(

  66. Jamie. I wish! We’re not national at this stage. We need to firm up our base here in Vic to fund any expansion. Give it time. If we can get past the immediate hurdle with the lever actions, then I’d be confident we can do that before “the next gun buyback” threat. Regards Neil.

  67. G’Day Fella’s,

    I just heard on the 10.00am ABC radio news (26-7-2015), that the importation of 7,000 of the new Adler 110 Lever Action shotgun, will be stopped! Also, apparently, the current NFA will be reviewed in six months time! JB

  68. I have read historical documents where disarming of population leads on to a dictatorship government, is that what is happening here?

  69. Yeah lever actions are a “NEW TECHNOLOGY” like the winchester 1894 121 years ago….. retards

    Just another way to fuck the honest person , I wonder how far they will push us till we break?

    This country is a DICTATORSHIP , the only difference is there are more dictators than the typical 1 , I prefer the 1 dictator please , less bullshit

  70. lindsay horton

    I waved goodbye to my rifles and shotguns once.I dearly would like to get 1 shotgun back

  71. lawry thompson

    With the latest shooting i read that the offender was known to police.Hope they got a search warrant to see if he had any firearms as he did not have licence.With terrorist and criminals they wont apply for a permit or licence they will source them illegaly of course so any new gun contrl laws wont effect them only us honest ones.I own 2 blrs and the last time i looked on my licence it said (Category A & B Longarm Licence )not weapon licence.

  72. An intriguing discussion is worth comment. I believe that you should
    publish more about this subject matter, it may not be a taboo matter but typically folks don’t speak
    about these issues. To the next! Kind regards!!

  73. Next will be Under & overs.
    Then pump action riles.
    Then 10 shot mags for bolt actions.
    Then bolt actions.
    Is this what Austraila has come to?

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