How we influence elections

The need for the CFCV came about from a diminishing level of political support for shooters over successive decades, culminating in the period immediately before the 2002 Victorian State Election.

While minor party players will come and go, the major parties will always be around and are the ones who govern with longer horizons in sight.

That’s why we banded together to mobilise the shooters’ vote where it mattered.

The first full page ads we ran appeared in the Herald Sun, The Age and Weekly Times three days before the 2002 election, and was the model we followed ever since.  Here is the version from the 2006 Victorian State Election:

2006 election ad

In addition, we direct mail shooters in certain electorates and send briefing notes to most parliamentarians.

Our workplan will build on these strategies.  Follow us on social media to stay in touch.

  1. What we should demand from our government to have the same laws as in some of states in the USA where you do not have to have a permit to carry the gun openly. What happened so far in this country is a disgrace (Remember Flack jack Johnny) to the nation of Australia. It has been shown that in the states that have open carry law the crime rate has dropped or it is very low. Banning normal guns like shot guns of any sort and normal guns whether lever action or not should not be banned. Fair enough machine guns are for military purposes only. ❗

  2. No one will ever know the exact numbers of firearms circulating in the Australian community but by banning them; has created & established a thriving under cover trafficking industry that is growing by the day.
    There should be lesson’s; learnt from past attempts at Prohibiting something – it doesn’t work.
    These unregistered & illegal firearms are all in the hands of criminals.
    The innocent & lawful citizen who lives like everyone else: family, home, car, job …..etc are at the mercy of these criminals who increasingly are becoming violent in their endeavours to steal someone else’s property.
    The police say: “comply” let them take what they want! – to avoid being hurt
    The Police won’t be there to protect any innocent victims, so they say comply!
    Politicians have even gone one step further in legislating to punish anyone who injures a criminals during an home invasion?
    Thousands of lives are now affected by the legal inability to protect one’s family & processions. Not only their lives but their mental state that results from such incidences occurring.
    With proper registration & training of law abiding citizens, gun carry would not only be an aide to police but would send out a strong & powerful message to criminals that they no longer have the easy pickings they currently enjoy.

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