Resignation as Secretary of CFCV

Hi everyone

As the title suggests, I am stepping down as Secretary of the CFCV to take on another role.

What the CFCV has achieved

In 2002, John Howard announced further restrictions on handgun ownership. In the lead up to the state election just five weeks later, the CFCV was able to form and run a major campaign to enable the industry to make a political point on behalf of all shooters – not just those using handguns.

The efforts of the CFCV since then have been more successful than many realise – and I’m proud to have been part of that since those early days.

In more recent years, we focussed on new ways to bring important news on what’s happening on the political front, and what you can do about it, to you. We helped David Dunstan get legal support in his fight, took Victoria Police to VCAT over it’s secret agenda to change our gun laws and managed to get the Firearms Consultative Committee reconvened and more resourcing for the shooting sports.

However the war goes on, and our enemies continue to chip away at what we do and continue sending us down a slippery slope.

In the past couple of years, we saw this happen with the introduction of more gun laws without consultation and in the past few days, the shrinking of this year’s duck season.

Taking on other role

Several months ago, several industry colleagues and I were discussing how the political interests of the shooting sports were represented, and how this can be improved.

As a result of these discussions, I have decided to step down as Secretary of the CFCV, to take on a new role with the Shooters Union. 

The main reason for this is that I believe there is a need to create and build a group in Victoria that is able to focus solely on political issues, rather than try and serve the needs of other shooting organisations at the same time. This will provide Victorian shooters with a political platform that has as sharper and less encumbered focus than we’ve seen here in the past.

So, in leaving the CFCV, I would like to thank both the full and associate members who I have worked with and learnt from over the years, and the many shooters who have supported our work and generously donated to it. 

If those of you who like the work I have done want to see more, feel free to:

Thank you once again for your support so far. I’m sure you will be hearing from me again soon!

If you wish to email me directly at [email protected], you will be able to do so until the end of January.

Neil Jenkins

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  1. Hi I am a life member in the Field & Game. Do not forget that the Labour Party,s Agenda is to Disarm The Community. This is just another step to closing the gate.Do not forget there is a State election This Year.
    Yours Truly,
    Ray Phillips.

  2. Good luck Neil with your new role and firmly believe the shooters union is a good opportunity to make a difference in the shooting world, its a big step but I think you will find a lot of support and just growing for the Shooters Union.

    😀 😀

  3. Robert Varhelyi

    Good luck mate.

  4. Hi Ray
    Thanks for your comment. The election will be a federal one – not the state one which we had in November (Andrews being reelected).

    Field and Game withdrew from the CFCV during 2018 but it is my understanding that they are interested in re-joining. I hope as a life member that you can encourage them to do so (even though I’m leaving) because having them on board politically is in everyone’s interest.


  5. He means a New South Wales election. I will be voting Shooters Party in both elections, there are other options though, One Nation wants us to leave the U.N., something I support (It’s good to have an anti-Hitler mechanism, what it was originally about, but is now about all sorts of political agendas, including but not only socialist ones, and an anti parenting treaty sometimes described as rights of the pedophile (convention on the rights of the child).

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